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Yonex Co., Ltd. is a Japanese sports equipment manufacturing company. Yonex produces equipment and apparel for tennis, badminton, golf, and running. It's range of products manufactured and commercialized includes equipment for badminton and tennis, and golf. Yonex also produces athletic shoes and a wide line of apparel that includes t-shirts, jackets, skirts, shorts, hoodies, leggings, and hats.

A disappointed customer shared this on Amazon. "I found the products of Yonex as the worst ones, the strings of the rackets torn out after 3 days play only. I'm surprised how can they offer this type of products for sale in the Indian market. I would also request to reconsider before endorsing this product. It's just all waste of money for the common people".


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Project Leader (Former Employee) says

"You never want to step into a place that doesn't regard you as their family. The career path has so much politics to play with. It will not tell you what they think, no discussion on future planning, and things are not structured in the organization. If you are capable, you will not be able to shine from bottom-up, unless you are linked to internal hierarchy.Long hours, Work alternate Saturday when it's the most inefficient day"

operation manager (Former Employee) says

"Basically check the order first like how much badminton handles we need to make today. check out the weight of the handles .there are three different types of handle. Putting them in the machine.free drinks"

Budgeting and Planning Executive (Former Employee) says

"It was first job. I learnt most of my excel skills from this job which has helped me a great deal in my current job.I interacted with a lot of different people regionally,"

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